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【論文作成・研究活動向け】eol 企業情報・有価証券報告書データベース利用講習会(5月17日(水)10:30-12:00) 【Workshop】eol Corporate Information Database Seminar (Wednesday, May 17, 10:30-12:00)


・日時:5月17日(水)2限 10:30-12:00

・参加申込フォーム :

* ZoomURLおよび資料は、後日、お申込頂いた方にお送り致します。
* 講習会では実習を行います。データベースの操作が可能なPCで講習会に参加することをお勧め致します。

お問合せ先 : 経済学研究科資料室
e-mail :shiryo「at」


We will hold a seminar on how to use the Annual Securities Report and Corporate Information Database. This database is useful for writing papers and research activities!

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 17, 10:30-12:00
Location: Online (Zoom)
Capacity: 80 Participants (first come, first served)
Language: Japanese

Application Form:
Registration Deadline: Monday, May 15.

* We will send you the Zoom URL and materials to those who have applied at a later date.
* The seminar will include hands-on practice. We recommend that you attend the seminar with a PC that can operate the database.

Contact: Library of Economics, Graduate School of Economics
e-mail: shiryo「at」