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Summer Vacation Borrowing


経済・OSIPP所属[院生]: 8月2日~9月7日貸出 → 10月8日返却
経済所属[学部生]: 8月2日~9月22日貸出 → 10月8日返却
他学部所属: 8月10日~9月30日貸出 → 10月8日返却


We offer the longer loan period for books during summer vacation.

Graduate students of Graduate School of Economics and OSIPP
Borrowing: August 2 ~ September 7
Returning: until October 8

Students of School of Economics
Borrowing: August 2  ~ September 22
Returning: until October 8

Students of Other Undergraduate Schools
Borrowing: August 10 ~ September 30
Returning: October 8

* Please note that periodicals can always be borrowed during a single day.